Odallus: The Dark Call (Fanart)


FTL:Faster Than Light, Fan art

Artwork for Planetary Plan C

Terraria Armors

Character Design

Concept for a abandoned project.

Spirits of Nature (Nasgoth RPG)

No Turning Back, Personal Work

Undead Bodyguard (Nasgoth RPG)

Cador's Wrath (Nasgoth RPG)

Light Study
(Melies Course)

Cast Painting

Concept art for the game Troubleshoot

Concept art for the game Troubleshoot

Speedpaintings (20~25 minutes)

The Astronault
Dominance War IV

(Neuromancer concept)

Algiers Stanton. Concept art for the book Glass Moonlight @

Elf Warrior (Personal work)

The Dragon Order (Personal Work)